created: 2024-07-08

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Exam day

Today is exam day, and once again, I find myself procrastinating. This habit is reminiscent of my past addiction to video games. I’ve been configuring and customizing dwl, Waybar, Hyprland, and even switching back to dwm on X, tweaking picom, dmenu, and st to my heart’s content, only to switch to Wayland again. I try to do anything but focus on the most important task.

Despite the fun I have writing scripts and tweaking my system, I need to stop now and prepare for the exam. The Pomodoro technique seems less effective lately, as I keep ignoring it.

Restrict myself

To regain my focus, I’ve decided to limit my internet usage—not permanently, but significantly. My plan is to access the internet only once a week. This restriction will undoubtedly make my online time more efficient and help me concentrate on my tasks without constant internet access.

This approach reminds me of how I quit video games: I refused to install Ethernet on my PC, which resulted in poor internet connectivity for gaming. Eventually, I stopped playing games altogether. Similarly, I plan to unplug the Wi-Fi modem connecting my PC to the home internet and give it to my wife for safekeeping. I’ll only have permission to use it once a week.

In the meantime, I can focus better by working from coffee shops and using their internet. However, a new challenge arises: how can I sync my vimwiki between my PC and laptop without internet access? Solutions like rsync or scp would require a connection. Instead, I can use a cable to directly connect my PC and laptop for file transfers. It might be tedious, but it has its benefits.

Looking ahead, I realize that I have to work from home soon, I’ll need an internet connection. Perhaps I can work exclusively on my laptop during work hours. This dilemma will require careful consideration, but for now, my priority is to focus on my exam and disconnect from the internet.


Recently, I read a post about how to ask questions online, and it changed my perspective on using capital letters. They do make reading easier.

For now, it’s time to set aside my distractions and give my full attention to preparing for the exam.


This blog is just my notes and self reflect, and me trying to come up with something to improve the situation. I’m currently writing this blog to procrastinate any way.