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created: 2023-12-05 | updated: 2023-12-29

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New family member

She was born on 2023-10-17 at 10:08 pm. Now I just want to upload a lot of her pictures, She is gorgeous.


She got sick and had to be in emergency room for about 11 days because of this virus named Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). She was the smallest in the hospital that got this virus. My family was so worried, but now she’s in good health and smile a lot. Thanks god!


Lately, she got constipation. She was unable to shit for the whole week, then got butt-supported to shit, and then still couldn’t shit for the next 9 days. Fortunately, this is common for newborn, they are building their stomach and getting stronger.

She pooped yesterday! Finally I can relax now.

Picture time

Getting better at the hospital

Sau’s getting better after sick, RSV, still in hospital

Sau’s big laugh after milk-time She has this satisfied face after drunk in milk.

Sau’s question face Is it milk-time yet?


Sau is blinking eyes and smiling

Sau is looking at you

Sau is yawning

Sau is sleeping